Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon from Bachelor in Paradise: The Best Quotes about Parenting while Raising Dawson’s son


Crazy about Dawson! Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon from “Bachelor in Paradise” talk about their son since his arrival in January 2022.

“Baby Dawson is here and healthy!” The Bachelorette alum wrote via Instagram at the time. “Ashley is recovering and feeling well! It really couldn’t have been much smoother. He’s so cute and handsome and sleeps all day. Unlike his mom and dad, who are not sleeping right now, but it’s worth it!”

The announcement was made six months after the Bachelor Nation members announced they were starting a family.

“Ashley was a troupe and I love her so much,” the Rhode Island native told his Instagram followers in July 2021. “Last night she vomited five times a night. It has been a very difficult month for her. I feel terrible because there’s not much I can do except run to the store from time to time for a chocolate cake or at 7/11 for Slurpees. I love her very much, she is a strong woman, and I know that Ashley will be an incredible mother.”

“I was very ill. I mean, really sick,” explained then the co—host of the podcast “Almost Famous,” who married Haibon in August 2019. “Most of my work is posting about my life on Instagram, and I do nothing but sit on the couch literally day after day. Thank God I’m revising The Anatomy of Passion. It helps me get through.”

Haibong intervened, calling her pregnancy “a constant cycle of crackers [and] ginger ale.”

Due to the fact that she had a hard time, Iaconetti was confident in her decision not to breastfeed Dawson as soon as he appeared.

“It was a good way for my body to just take a break,” the Virginia native explained exclusively to us in February 2022. “The last nine months have been so hard for my body. I just wanted to focus all my attention on him and not have any struggles that would distract me from being the best version of myself.”

Haibong supported his wife’s choice, noting: “We’re doing everything we think is best for Dawson, and he’s thriving and doing very well. And that’s all that matters.”

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Dear debut

“We are enjoying the sleepiest and calmest baby we have ever met,” Iaconetti captioned Instagram photos taken in February 2022. “Dawson didn’t catch a cold from his parents. He got his legs from me [and] his chin from Jared. … We love him so much and feel so happy!”

His hero

Haibon shared a video about Iaconetti’s birth via Instagram, calling his wife a “champion.”

All emotions

“Everything was really good,” the Bachelor Winter Olympics graduate told us about parenthood in February 2022. — Of course, I could cry at the touch of a hat, but not alarmingly. Not in the sense that I’m worried about myself.”

Postpartum pride

Iaconetti showed off her post-baby body in an Instagram Story video from February 2022, telling her followers that she “feels pretty good.”

The Hour of Honesty

“I was not overwhelmed by this feeling of unconditional love for my son [when he appeared],” Haibong exclusively told us in February 2022. “At that moment I felt like a very angry person, because all I was told was, “As soon as this baby is born, you will feel it.”.. I thought, “Oh, my God. I’m a psychopath. I don’t love my son.”

Iaconetti went on to say that they felt affection for Dawson “within a few hours.”

Serious conversation

The journalist’s obsessive thoughts “worsened” after Dawson’s arrival, she wrote on Instagram Stories in April 2022. “For the first few weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking, “My life is great when someone from my family dies.” ? It should happen soon, because I’m doing too well,” Iaconetti explained. “I also had a pretty good obsessive-compulsive disorder at night when I checked the safety of his snow bag numerous times. … I always think about him.”