Ashley Hebert’s boyfriend, Yanni Georgoulakis, is related to her and J. P. Rosenbaum’s two children: photo


Chat with your boyfriend! Ashley Hebert has revealed how her two children are delightfully connected to Yanni Georgoulakis after their relationship debuted.

Bachelorette graduates, 37, documented their “day at the pool” with son Fordham, 7, and daughter Essex, 5, on Sunday, April 25, via Instagram Stories, from mirror selfies to swimming shots.

“It’s never boring,” the Bachelor Nation member captioned photos of the creator of Foody Fetish, who is also 37, and her kids playing with pool noodles, calling their energy “non—stop.”

The undergraduate graduate shared another video of Georgoulakis bullying Fordham and Essex in the house, writing: “Now you know why they thought he was their babysitter. Guess who cleans up this mess?

The Maine native shares her children with ex-husband J. P. Rosenbaum. The former couple welcomed their son and daughter in September 2014 and November 2016 respectively, before announcing their separation in 2020.

In October of the following year, the dentist announced via Instagram that she was dating someone else. “Marriage complicates everything,” she wrote, walking down the aisle again. “I’d rather just love someone and choose to be with them.”

“I presented it about nine months later… as one of my friends,” the former reality TV star explained in March. “I don’t know how it happened, but they thought he was their babysitter. They said he was the best babysitter in the world. Funny.”

As for the 45-year-old Rosenbaum, the California native told us earlier this month that he has yet to meet with the culinary blogger.

“She’s living her life, and if she’s happy, that’s the main thing,” the real estate agent said. “Dating when I’m over forty, as a divorced father of two children, is quite different than dating, you know, a bachelor in his early thirties. …I know the connection I’m looking for because I had it. I know how it feels. And I want to feel it again.”

The former ABC personality added that dating a working father is a “challenge,” explaining: “[I wonder],” Does she have kids? She doesn’t have any children? Does she want children? Do I want more children?” It’s a dynamic that needs to be worked out, but I know the connection I’m looking for. I know what kind of communication I need.”

Keep scrolling to see Georgoulakis’ memories with Hebert’s children on Sunday.

Snack time

Fordham and Essex ate fruit and sandwiches.

Too cute

Georgoulakis picked up Essex.

The connecting moment

He continued to play with Fordham.

Sofa cuties

“Nonstop,” Hebert captioned the Instagram Story video about her boyfriend and her children.