Ashley Graham pregnant: she reveals herself completely naked for Thanksgiving!


Ashley Graham is still talking about her on the web! The reason ? On a photo of her story Insta, the incendiary brunette unveiled without clothes for Thanksgiving.

Ashley is one of the models of the moment! Sensual and totally at ease with her body, the biggest brands all want to collaborate with her and we understand them. In a few months, the pretty brunette will give birth to her first child. Very excited about becoming a mother, she admitted in her talk show “Fearless with Ashley Graham” that it was not always easy for her to see her body change.

Without filter, Ashley Graham had delivered his feelings. “When I announced my pregnancy, I thought it would make me feel really good and not at all. I felt terribly bad, “she said, not without emotion. And to add: “I said to myself: Take back Ashley, there are other women out there like you who are going through the same thing, why do not you trade with them? ”

Like all stars, Ashley Graham is very active on his social networks. On the Web, she shares without filter her daily life. The young woman does not lack humor. Full of self-mockery, he sometimes happens to put himself on the stage. If the Top does not travel to the 4 corners of the world, it is often taken for photo shoots. Crazy in love with her man Justin Ervin, she also spreads their flagship happiness on social networks.

For Thanksgiving, the mother-to-be did very hard! In the story of her Instagram account, the pretty brunette then unveiled some clichés of the festivities! To see his pictures, the model has benefited. But that’s not all ! The mother-to-be has also published a portrait of her on which she appears completely naked. Without make up, Ashley Graham poses natural. She does not forget to hide her chest. “Happy Thanksgiving,” then captioned Ashley. We let you admire!


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