Ashley Benson once betrayed by Lucy Hale?


Drama alert! According to old shocking revelations, Ashley Benson would once have been betrayed by Lucy Hale. Discover the details of this crazy story.

As no one expected, Ashley Benson posted old photos with Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario on Instagram. Memories that delighted many fans of the Pretty Little Liars series. However, one detail has not escaped the most observers: the absence of Lucy Hale in the photos. Very quickly, rumors of tensions between the former co-stars began to invade the Web. Could it be that the teen show actresses have drifted away from their playmate over the years? Doubt is allowed. Regardless, this post brought up some old, unexpected revelations about their relationship. And to believe some, the interpreter of Aria would have betrayed the one who played Hanna a few years ago.

According to the shocking confidences of an anonymous source on the Instagram account DEUXMOI, which balances the latest gossip about the stars, Ashley Benson would have been betrayed by Lucy Hale: “My friend worked with Ashley at the time of PLL and Ashley loved to tell gossip during fittings. My friend asked her why the other girls always let Lucy out, because it was clear that they had never hung out with her. It turns out that during season 1 of PLL, Ashley and Lucy went to a party and Ashley caught Lucy having sex with her boyfriend in a bathroom. ” Statements to be taken with a grain of salt but which will certainly make people react. In the meantime, find out if Ashley Benson is still cold with Lucy Hale after the end of Pretty Little Liars.

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