Asa Butterfield: Sex Education Actor Revolts With Fans On Social Media


Asa Butterfield: Sex Education actor Asa Butterfield used his Twitter account to complain about inconvenient fans on Saturday (18). At 24, Butterfield is in the limelight for the Netflix series, but he still doesn’t seem to know how to deal with fame.

The actor’s complaint was made publicly on the social network. He wanted to make it clear that he didn’t like being bothered by fans while he was enjoying the night and asked them to leave him alone.

Riot tweets

In his tweet, Asa said he was tired of people photographing and filming him without permission while he was somewhere. To complete the vent, he said that these situations ruin his mood and his night, and also asked the fans to back off and leave him alone.

In another post, the actor continued the protest. Butterfield said he was tweeting from the taxi and complained that he had to knock several cell phones out of his face to get away.

The situation did not end there. The next day, a user replied to the actor saying that fame and recognition from fans were bones of the trade and that, if he didn’t like it, he should look for another career. Still disgusted, Butterfield replied ironically, “Wow! I had no idea, thanks for the clarification.”


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