As the “Blade” reboot approaches, Wesley Snipes reveals how he took steps to get the fourth film in the OG franchise.


There are several exciting characters who will take center stage in the Marvel cinematic universe, and one of them especially excited fans is a certain vampire hunter. Of course, I’m talking about a single Blade, who will be played by Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali when he returns to the big screens. While fans are excited to see this new iteration of the character, there’s still a lot of love for the Wesley Snipes OG version of the hero. Snipes, for his part, is also very attached to his superhero role, and amid the hype surrounding the reboot, he revealed one of the ways he took steps to make the fourth film in his franchise.

It’s no secret that Wesley Snipes was all for “Blade 4”, as the actor has been steadily discussing the proposed project since the third part was released in 2004. what is happening seems insignificant at the moment. Over the years, this production seemed to have experienced its share of starts and stops. But based on the actor’s new comments, he and his staff were ready for this, since they apparently had two potential scenarios:

We actually wrote two scripts. We have two versions of the story that would fit well into the world of Blade. But since we didn’t go down this path and we didn’t have a knock on the door again, we tweaked them and now use them for something else. So, I have two Blade killers.

One can’t help but wonder how any of these two “killers” that the star mentioned , could have promoted the Daywalker story. Given the unique mythology of the Marvel character, the writers could tell a lot of different stories with a fanged protagonist. We’ll probably never know, but it’s interesting to think about.

While he would love to take on the role of Blade again, Wesley Snipes is incredibly supportive of Mahershala Ali as he prepares for his MCU debut. Snipes proved himself to be a real first-class actor when asked what he thought of the actor who played the iconic role. When he initially reacted to the reboot, he congratulated Ali and wished the Marvel Studios team all the best. Since then, he has also given some advice to his successor, telling him to make sure he is fit for the role. (These are definitely beautiful words of wisdom).

As for the upcoming Marvel movie itself, Marvel has yet to announce an official release date, although that may change in a few weeks when Comic-Con arrives in San Diego. Last year, the film took a big step forward when Bassam Tariq from Mogul Mowgli was brought in to work. He will direct from a script written by Lovecraft County graduate Stacy Osei-Kuffur. The superhero movie will also not have an R rating, which the OG leader agrees with.

Although Wesley Snipes’ two Blade scripts will most likely never see the light of day, perhaps the star will still be able to take part in the new franchise. In the end, he made it clear that he would like Marvel to give him a role. Whether this will happen remains to be seen, although one might think Marvel Studios has at least considered it.

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