As Sherry Shepherd prepares to take over the management of Wendy Williams’ Daytime Post, Jennifer Hudson discusses hopes for her own new talk show


The landscape of daytime television will look completely different when the premieres of new and old talk shows begin this fall. This year there were a lot of announcements about new presenters, cancellations and, of course, Sherry Shepherd took Wendy Williams’ place in the schedule. But as Sherry prepares for the premiere, hoping to fill what Shepherd considers a “void” in daytime television, Jennifer Hudson should not be overlooked, as a new promo for her talk show proves that she has big aspirations.

Jennifer Hudson, who recently celebrated an important milestone in her career by completing her EGO, is set to premiere her daytime talk show with The Jennifer Hudson Show this September. At the first glance at the JHud show, it seems that the audience is waiting for singing (of course) and a lot of fun, and in the new promo, the presenter discusses her great hopes. According to Hudson herself:

I hope my fans have a good time. I hope they discover their superpowers, and I hope they feel on top of the world by the time they leave the Jennifer Hudson Show.

What could be better than helping fans find their superpower, if not to demonstrate her own? We definitely expect to see some singing on Jennifer Hudson’s Show, much like American Idol veteran Kelly Clarkson does on her daytime talk show, which will be updated soon. We’ll have to wait and see how much she brags about her tubes, but either way it looks like JHud is ready to inspire her audience.

If Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson are covering the musical side of daytime television, Sherri Shepherd hopes to elicit laughter. The former View co-host said that, especially after Ellen DeGeneres ended her show after 19 seasons, she is ready to show what she brings to the table as a host with her stand-up comedy experience, rather than following the format of the Wendy Williams Show, which she was a frequent guest on the last season of this series.

Wendy Williams did not appear on any of the recordings of her last season due to reports of health and financial problems. Williams was replaced by a series of guest presenters who eventually filmed the series finale, which paid homage to the eponymous host, but did not include her. This angered some fans, as well as her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, who called the send-off a “travesty.”

Along with the cancellation of the Wendy Williams show, the series “Real” was not renewed for a ninth season, although Warner Bros. stated that the cancellation is not related to the announcement of the Jennifer Hudson show. Other daytime TV shows included the closure of Nick Cannon after just one season and the departure of Maury Povich after a 31-year talk show career. And not only will The View return in season 26, but it has also been announced that two co-hosts, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro, will join the table. Needless to say, daytime television is entering a new era, and Hudson seems ready to help lead that process.

The premiere of Jennifer Hudson’s show is scheduled for Monday, September 12, when Sherry Shepherd debuts with Sherry. Check your local listings to find out when and on which channel you can find these new shows, and stay up to date with all upcoming premieres with our TV program for 2022.


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