As horror fans await Michael Myers’ final Halloween twist, Universal Studios is about to pay homage to John Carpenter’s original


It may only be June, but if you’re a fan of Halloween and theme parks, then you’re already looking forward to this fall and the return of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. Earlier it was announced that the first of this year’s houses will include several classic universal monsters, and now the second house will see the return of another popular monster from the movies — Michael Myers from Halloween.

While horror movie fans will be able to enjoy Michael Myers’ newest movie when “Halloween Ends” hits theaters, fans of “Halloween Horror Nights” will be able to relive the beginning of the story as a home based on the first movie will be found at both Universal Studios in Hollywood. and Universal Orlando Resort. A new video has been released to give fans a glimpse of what awaits them when they arrive at Haddonfield.

Michael Myers appears pretty regularly on Halloween Horror Nights in one form or another, but we haven’t seen a house based on the original Halloween in Orlando since 2014. Universal Studios Hollywood had a house based on Halloween 4 last year and in 2018. and in previous years, he had other Halloween themed houses, but nothing specifically dedicated to the original movie.

While it would be nice to see a house based on “Halloween Ends” in the same year that the movie came out, there is a certain poetic sense to see a house based on the original “Halloween” in the same year that the “Halloween” franchise sees something. reminiscent of the ending. And horror fans will probably just be happy to get something Halloween-related, as the new movie probably means fans are looking for that kind of entertainment.

Halloween is the time when Universal parks and resorts shine. This is without a doubt the most popular event these parks have to offer, although in recent years Mardi Gras has become a contender. While another major theme park company in California and Florida prefers a friendlier atmosphere for Halloween, if you want something scary, Universal is what you need. In previous years, there were HHN houses based on the TV series “Very Strange Things”, “Ghostbusters”, “Beetlejuice” and others. There are also always several completely original concepts that allow you to truly demonstrate the creativity of the park.

The announcement of the Halloween house follows the first announcement of HHN, Universal Monsters: Legends Collide. In this brand new house, three classic Universal monsters: Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Mummy will appear together for the first time in a completely original story.

Only two houses have been discovered in the two Universal theme parks, and there is still a lot to do before the events really begin. Halloween Horror Nights begin in Orlando on September 2 and in Hollywood on September 8, with both events taking place on Halloween night. Tickets are already on sale.