As Dust Falls Review: An Immersive Cinematic Gaming Experience


As Dusk Falls is an interactive drama game developed by Interior/Night and published by Xbox Game Studios. The plot of As Dusk Falls resembles a game in a premium TV show, in which potentially several players act as scriptwriters of a story that can develop in several directions, since the stakes are constantly rising, and danger threatens the main characters at every turn. the result is a unique name that manages to be interesting from beginning to end.

The story of As Dusk Falls is told in six chapters with switching between different characters and moments in time. The three main characters are Zara, a young woman who is trying to overcome the trauma she experienced during a hostage-taking as a child; Jay, the youngest of three brothers who took part in a botched robbery that led to the hostage-taking; and Vince, Zara’s father, who must save his family’s life and prevent a shootout between the police and his kidnappers. There are also short segments in which you can play minor characters before returning to the main cast. The player’s actions determine the course of the story, and at the end of each chapter, all potential paths that can be taken are revealed, although they cannot be passed at different points until the game is completed.

Gameplay in As Dusk Falls mainly involves timing and QTE execution, although there is an accessibility option that turns them into one-button clicks for those who don’t want to mess with them. The story moves at breakneck speed, and the player rarely gets a break, there are only a few sections in the game where the player can explore the environment. This fast pace is well suited for As Dusk Falls, as the game constantly escalates tension and puts characters in dangerous situations, offering morally ambiguous choices to try to get out of them. The pace is such that it’s really worth taking a break after each chapter, treating the experience like watching a TV show.

Most interactive dramas and visual novels are designed for solo play-throughs where the player enjoys the story at their own pace. As Dusk Falls has taken an unusual approach, offering a multiplayer mode in which up to eight players can play locally or online, with a broadcast mode that will allow Twitch users to play together. Each player gets the opportunity to vote for the course of action, while the game randomly determines the winner in case of a draw. The person setting up the game can also grant each player up to nine overrides, forcing the decision to go their own way, although other players can spend their own overrides to undo it.

Because Dusk Falls isn’t exactly a lighthearted party game, but it’s still a lot of fun as a multiplayer game with friends if they like dark themes and content, including suicides, murders, and children in danger. . There are many important decisions in As Dusk Falls that can steer the story in completely different directions, and many of them involve performing questionable actions. As Dusk Falls inspires a lot of discussions about the right way in a given situation, since a limited number of Overrides forces people to take certain actions, at the risk of not being able to intervene in the story later.

The visuals in As Dusk Falls are unusual because they use a technique similar to rotoscoping, where all the scenes are played out with real actors and then animated as separate frames, and all the surroundings and vehicles are created as 3D models. The weird animation style is annoying at first, but it’s incredibly well done, with some fantastic lighting effects that help give the world the feel of a live comic. The performances in the game are excellent across the board, and the actors should be praised for bringing their characters to life behind their animated sprites. The world of As Dusk Falls is unique, although it may take some time before the initial strangeness disappears and players will be able to appreciate the work done in creating the game.

The strength of As Dusk Falls is in its strange but fascinating narrative with a large set of attractive and hateful characters who get into dangerous situations and reveal secrets along the way. There are plenty of fantastic action scenes in As Dusk Falls, separated by the quieter moments of the characters, but they both seem as weighty as each other. Players also have the opportunity to intentionally screw up and cause their characters even more trouble, which is especially fun in multiplayer mode. There are no endings to the game in As Dusk Falls, so players are guaranteed a safety net for the main squad, but all bets are off for everyone else.