Arvalex Protocol Launches First AMM and NFT Marketplace on Avalanche Blockchain


Arvalex is an Avalanche-based protocol for NFT transactions. Arvalex Protocol has announced its public launch on the Avalanche Blockchain Network. Proud to be the next generation protocol to enhance transaction and other related transactions in the Metaverse, metaverse token AVRL is powered by and built on the Avalanche Blockchain.

According to the statements made, Avalanche Blockchain was the first point of reference as it processed 4,500 transactions per second (TPS) in less than three seconds.

The Arvalex protocol was created to serve as a medium of exchange in the metaverse to reduce the confusion associated with the release of many tokens.

It provides a common protocol serving other platforms that allows people to easily transact between different tokens without the hassle normally associated with such a procedure.

Usage Examples in NFT Field

Arvalex is creating a truly decentralized and fully democratized NFT Platform where digital creators can convert their photos, ideas, music and paintings into non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) while allowing creators to receive royalties from their art and transact with various services. This will allow people to have the opportunity to work and share their services and arts with others without risking inflation, depreciation or excessive transaction fees. In addition, NFTs will have a dynamic pricing structure on the Blockchain.

The Arvalex NFT platform aims to launch a new creation and trading paradigm that allows creators to:

Possibility to invite people with large followings to join and get the products and ideas they love sooner.

An opportunity to earn all the value they create by selling their goods as NFTs at a dynamic price.

An opportunity to use the token as currency in the soon-to-be-launched open marketplace to pay for services rendered by freelancers, to purchase artworks (NFTs).

Possibility to use the stake pool to monetize savings.

Opportunity to use open software platform to transfer NFTs from different platforms to others. You can transfer NFTs from BSC to ETH via the platform.

Opportunity to create different DeFi implementations in the protocol.

Advantages of Arvalex

Arvalex lists the advantages it offers as follows:

It is powered by the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, which has proven to be extremely fast. Thus, with the protocol built on it, participants can use Avalanche’s speed. Transactions are confirmed within seconds.

You can develop NFTs and other DeFis that fit your own application needs. You can build them on top of the protocol and enjoy all the benefits provided by the platform while keeping full control of your project.

You can earn rewards by staking the liquidity pool without the risk of losing your funds or not receiving proportional rewards.

With Proof-of-stake Sybil protection and 83% parameter security threshold, you can use higher processing capacity than 4,500 tps.

Token Economy

The distribution of Arvalex tokens has been carefully designed to create a decentralized, community-driven DeFi protocol that is not controlled by a small group of actors, a total of fifty million (50,000,000) Arvalex tokens will be minted and distributed in 3 different ways:

During the pre-sale phase, 1 Arvalex Token will be sold for 0.000376 AVAX (1 AVRL = 0.03 USD).

During the public sale phase, 1 Arvalex Token will be sold for 0.0015 AVAX.

Users can be one of the first to receive AVRL tokens by participating in the ongoing token pre-sale. You can visit the website to participate in the first stage sale.

Future Plans

With a growing ecosystem of decentralized financial products, NFT platform, and various features planned for future release, qualifies as an innovative project that should definitely be considered, not just a DeFi protocol.