Artur Mas Polls Guardiola To Be A Candidate For The Generalitat


According to “El Confidencial”, Artur Mas has probed Pep Guardiola to choose to preside over the Generalitat de Catalunya. The idea would happen because the current Manchester City coach is the next candidate of Junts X Catalunya.

A few days ago, the Guardiola himself was already in charge of giving voice to the international press release that “Tsunami Democràtic” issued last week to show his disagreement with the penalties that the Supreme Court has imposed on those prosecuted for the “process” of Catalonia .

In the previous match between Manchester City and Crystal Palace, Guardiola already told reporters the following: “We need Europe to solve this conflict, I think we are already at a time when people in Spain and Catalonia do not trust much on the other, so I asked to sit down and talk, I think that we human beings have that ability for dialogue, I will always read manifests or do what they ask if it serves to defend human rights, be it here, in Alsasua, in the Arab countries or in Madrid. Whatever the problem, you can count on me if it’s about defending human rights, “Pep said.

The information of “El Confidencial” suggests that the media asked the Manchester City press team to contact Guardiola to address this issue, but there was no answer. We will see if Guardiola confirms or denies a piece of news that, if it ends up being produced, would be a real political “bombshell” … and sports. It should be remembered that Guardiola has a contract in force with the City, at least, until June 30, 2021. A very important issue to consider.


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