Artist reveals what Dragon Ball’s Goku and One Piece’s Luffy would look like if they were created in America


A South Korean designer drew Goku from Dragon Ball and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece in a more realistic way and with a western touch.


If there are two series that are here to stay, those are One Piece and Dragon Ball. Created by Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama, respectively, they each have millions of fans around the world.

His manga are among the best sellers, although in this case the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy have an advantage, and in terms of anime, they are also very popular. In the latter case, Goku and company is the one who has the lead in several countries of the world.

InHyuk Lee has collaborated with Marvel and DC Comics

Both series come from Shueisha publishing house manga and their anime are from the same animation house, Toei Animation. It is for the same reason that sometimes the paths of both franchises have officially crossed.

That through special appearances in various productions, whether in the form of anime, manga or even products. There is also no lack of tributes that its creators dedicate themselves on certain occasions.

And of course, many fan arts that reunite Goku from Dragon Ball with Luffy from One Piece. There are many examples in this sense, but the one that we bring you now comes from an outstanding artist.

This is InHyuk Lee, a South Korean illustrator who stands out for his talent. He has worked with publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics. In the case of the first one he has more than 150 collaborations designing art for the covers of many of his superheroes.

One Piece and Dragon Ball reunited in a single image

He also works as an inker and colorist. On some occasions, in addition to his work on comics, he decides to create his own illustrations. About a few weeks ago he made a design that brings together Goku and Luffy.

But he did not draw them as they appear in their respective manga and anime. They are actually more of a comic book style, somewhat western. However, it cannot be denied that a much more oriental way of drawing is also captured.

We could say that these characters from One Piece and Dragon Ball acquired a realistic appearance with the work of InHyuk Lee.

This artist shared his work through his account on his Instagram, where there is a large collection of his contributions to Marvel and DC Comics.

However, he also has designs of his own. Like many creatives from time to time he likes to create alternate versions of various characters, always with great quality.