Artist Reimagines Resident Evil: Village As A PS1 Game


Resident Evil: Village: With the success achieved by Resident Evil: Village, it was to be expected that someone would play with the fact of creating a demake for him. If you like this type of material, artist David Post (known on the network as Hoolopee), did this homework reimagining the game for the first PlayStation.

The recording recreates some of the moments seen in the adventure starring Ethan Winters, in addition to showing important characters from the journey (without any spoilers as far as we could check) and even enemies that are found in the new episode of the franchise – detail for how your part ends of action, which will bring good memories for those who enjoyed the first games of the series.

Check out the work done by the artist below:

So, did you like the result? Do you think Village would have been successful if it came out on the first PlayStation? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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