Artist Deadmau5 Presents His New Video; Made On Worlds Created In Core


Deadmau5: In collaboration with Manticore, deadmau5 presents the interactive video When The Summer Dies with the collaboration of his most dedicated fans. Electronic artist deadmau5 unveiled his new music video for the acclaimed single “When The Summer Dies” on Thursday alongside musician, singer and songwriter Lights. In collaboration with the Manticore company, deadmau5 asked their fans to be in charge of creating dystopian worlds on the Core platform, which allows users to create interactive experiences directly. The result is now available, once again making the possibilities of this interactive tool clear.

During a stream, deadmau5 selected the best worlds created by his fans; later, the editing team put together the final video clip with “When The Summer Dies” in the background. On the occasion of this premiere, Core will hold a virtual meet & greet with deadmau5; you can sign up here.

Core, an interactive virtual world in constant evolution

“I’ve been experimenting with the connection between music and technology for a long time, and now with games, I can take it to a completely different level,” said Joel Zimmerman, the first name of the artist we know as deadmau5. “Usually it takes months and hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars to make a music video. In this case, we were able to put together a video featuring stunning 3D worlds in just a couple of months by crowdsourcing the creation for the Core community and deadmau5 fans. The quality of the interactive experiences and the speed with which they were created was incredible and shows why more artists are looking for unique opportunities within games to extend new experiences to their audiences, ”he explains.


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