Artist Creates The Last of Us-Inspired Short With Shocking Ending


The Last of Us: Perhaps the name Joshuan Toonen isn’t familiar to many of us, but he gets his name in credits from movies like Deadpool 2 for having worked as a visual effects artist. In any case, the fact is that he decided to use all the talent acquired in the film industry to work on a project inspired by The Last of Us that received the title Stay.

Stay is a short film with just over seven minutes that shows the couple Emily and Sean trying to escape from a place infested with monsters that have suffered mutations and other dangers, in a vibe very similar to the one seen in the Naughty Dog game – in fact, there’s even a “camera cameo” in the movie.

Without many spoilers, you can expect a very memorable ending after following the entire trajectory presented below:

A curious detail is the fact that Stay had the support of more than 40 artists and many The Last of Us fans to reach the result seen above. So, did you enjoy the work? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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