Artificial Intelligent Prostheses Produces for the Disabled in India


Artificial Intelligent Prostheses Produces for the Disabled in India

A company that produces low-cost and convenient prosthetic devices can hope for hundreds of thousands of people who cannot join the labor force in rural India. With a population of 1.3 billion, India’s rural population is about two-thirds of that.

In India, the world’s second most populous country with a population of 1.3 billion, two-thirds of people still live in rural areas. Due to insecure machine use, road and railway construction accidents or snake bites, a large number of Indians are losing their limb and cannot join the workforce.

Abhit Kumar says that poor rural areas are like a war zone and aims to help the disabled population re-join the workforce by producing affordable, affordable prosthetic devices. While there are over half a million disabled people in India, tens of thousands of new people are added to this number every year. As the informal sector is so widespread, the state’s rehabilitation aid is negligible.

Kumar, who found that artificial limbs or assistive devices in India were too heavy and fragile for very expensive and practical use, set up an initiative called Social Hardware to fill this gap in the country’s prosthetic market.

Kumar, an engineer with a background in biomedical and robotics, came together with Cameron Norris, an open source hardware worker in the UK, to work on the deficiencies in existing prosthetic devices and developed a solution to help a low-income Indian living in rural areas. Previously, a poor Indian had to disregard the 6-month wage in order to purchase existing prosthetic devices.

All you need to do is connect to the appropriate tool:

Starting to work in 2016, the team identified the need for a new approach in upper arm prosthesis designs, “Avocado” began to develop a device called. This device, which improves the overall performance of existing artificial prosthetic devices, is a wrist coupler. Avocado-like shape because of the device called the Avocado Wrist Combiner, the budget is very suitable and $ 154 to $ 2094 for any upper arm prosthesis fits.

Graphic designer Subojeet Bhattacharya, who lost both arms because he had an electric current 20 years ago, says he has regained an almost normal life using Avocado. Bhattacharya notes that the prosthetic devices he has used before never give enough grip, accurate precision or are too heavy. Bhattacharya, “Avocado” with garden work and began to chop vegetables, he says. All the graphic designer has to do is to connect the appropriate tools to the Avocado according to the job.

Stating that they resort to artificial intelligence to produce Avocado, Kumar says that the level of a prosthetic user can be improved with a small mechanical adapter and device. While doing this, Avocado saves battery life for battery-powered prosthetic hands. The mass production prototype of Avocado is 300 grams, but the team using the productive design can cut the unit down to 100 grams of parts and material units.

Artificial intelligence-based software provides improvisation in design, says Kumar, stresses that the pressure on certain elements is taken into account. In addition, the design alternatives provided by artificial intelligence ensure that a productable product can be manufactured in the shortest time and cost by considering human and other inputs.

Kumar, the device can be used throughout the country, the country’s rehabilitation centers in partnership with the records said. Particularly in the Punjab and Haryana states, over 1000 peasants in each harvest season are losing limbs as a result of accidents.

It is stated that each prosthesis is designed to use a software called Autodesk Fusion 360 3D CAD in order to prepare a prototype with a 3D printer. Social Hardware products are available free of charge as the company operates in a nonprofit way. According to this model, the cost is covered by the non-profit intermediary.

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