Artificial Intelligence Version ‘Travisbott’ Composed by Famous Rapper Travis Scott (Video)


An artificial intelligence copy named ‘Travisbott’ was developed by the famous American rapper Travis Scott. Travisbott composed based on Scott’s real lyrics and music. Travisbott, developed by the company named space 150, will perhaps lead to the addition of a category of ‘artificial intelligence’ to the Emmy Awards in the future.

Everyone is familiar with the argument that artificial intelligence will make human and human interventions unnecessary in the near future. A newly developed artificial intelligence can pave the way for such discussions in the field of music. The artificial intelligence copy ‘Travisbott’ from the famous American rapper Travis Scott was able to compose and write lyrics inspired by Scott.

Developed by the company space 150, Travisbott made a song based on Scott’s compositions with real lyrics. The company announced that they wanted to make a song entirely created by artificial intelligence by taking artificial intelligence technology further after the album produced by Holly Herndon, who makes electronic music, together with artificial intelligence.

The song produced by Travisbott:
The company’s creative director, Ned Lampert, answered the question of why they chose Travis Scott, reminding him that Scott was a unique artist and produced aesthetic and visual aesthetic works. Lampert states that they gave Scott’s lyrics and compositions to artificial intelligence for two weeks and that the song ‘Jack Park Canny Dope Man’ eventually appeared.

Travisbott had been writing words about food at first. The resulting product was a terrifyingly normal song and music clip. The song’s melody looks a lot like the original Travis Scott songs. In the song, Scott’s usual “It’s lit” and “Straight up” improvisations appear throughout the song.

Should artists pick up their bags and leave the job of making music to the robots? Although the answer to this is not yet clear, maybe we can expect the ‘Best Artificial Intelligence Artist’ award category to be placed in the Emmy Awards in the coming years.

Travis Scott has also been on the agenda with his birthday party for his daughter, Stormi, in recent weeks. Scott and his wife Kylie Jenner had a ‘Stormi Land’ built for their daughters.


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