Artificial intelligence technology for doctors from Facebook


Facebook continues on its way with different teams in different units. Facebook’s artificial intelligence models are of the kind that will work for healthcare professionals. According to the new research from the artificial intelligence team, machines have been developed that focus on healthcare workers to detect coronavirus patients and to follow this disease process. Three different artificial intelligence models have emerged that will help hospitals determine the status of a coronavirus patient and by observing data from X-Rays.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence models are focused on coronavirus

Coronavirus studies continue at full speed. In this process, technology rushes to help. Facebook artificial intelligence researchers aim to help healthcare professionals with the algorithms they have developed. New York University and Facebook AI (artificial intelligence) department are joining forces against coronavirus.

It is stated that thanks to these algorithms, it will be easier for doctors to monitor patients and prevent patients at risk from being sent home.

Two of these algorithms, based on inference from x-rays, are focused on examining chest x-rays, while the other is based on three AI machines that do not examine a series of X-rays. One of these machines will help doctors determine whether the patient needs additional oxygen with X-Ray.

The machines developed can determine the health of coronavirus patients 96 hours, 4 days in advance. In this way, doctors save time and the patient can be intervened in a shorter time. The availability of the system is currently controversial. The research has been published recently and has not yet been made available to the public. Experts conducting research on the subject say that there are some question marks about the effectiveness and reliability of this system.


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