Artificial intelligence support from Amazon to hospitals and nursing homes!


Amazon said it is working on new Alexa programs for hospitals, seniors and caregivers. Here are the details…


The world-famous e-commerce site Amazon has expanded its investments in many different areas in recent years, from digital content platforms to artificial intelligence. Thanks to Alexa, one of its most popular initiatives, it has managed to become one of the pioneers of its field in artificial intelligence supported virtual assistants.

The company announced today that it has developed two new programs to integrate Alexa into hospitals and nursing homes and nursing homes for the elderly. In addition, these programs and virtual assistant systems will be centrally controlled by organizations thanks to Alexa Smart Properties.

Amazon expands the range of its target audience thanks to Alexa

Liron Torres, President of Alexa Smart Properties, said in an interview that hospitals and aged care organizations reached out to them when the Covid-19 outbreak started; He stated that they asked for help to set up Alexa and make their voices heard in their communities. He said that especially hospitals expect support in interacting with patients and elderly people in interacting with their relatives without using protective equipment.

It is said that during the quarantine period, many institutions provide communication by sending paper under the doors to the rooms to convey the changes made in food and protocols. However, thanks to the newly developed programs, residents of aged care facilities will be able to communicate directly with staff with Amazon Echo devices to be installed in their rooms. In this way, the workload on the employees will be reduced.

In addition to the staff, the residents of the organization will be able to contact their friends and family at any time. Of course, they will only be able to do this with people who have been approved by the institution in advance. In addition, when they have a visitor, they can be asked via Alexa whether they accept it or not.

Amazon said it’s currently only rolling out the app in two senior care homes. It also said it has integrated Alexa into the facilities of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, BayCare in Florida, and Houston Methodist. However, he did not share the cost of these systems to institutions.

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