Artificial Intelligence plays infinite bass solo on YouTube


After creating an endless stream of death metal music using artificial intelligence (AI), the Dadabots group is back. Now, the musicians have used the tool to develop an infinite bass solo, which has been playing nonstop since last December 13 on a YouTube channel.

For the new creation, musicians passionate about technology used a recurrent neural network (RNN). She was trained with a two-hour improvisational music archive, with bass sounds recorded by the composer, bassist and youtuber Adam Neely.

The work started out using sounds with a frequency of 16 KHz, but the AI ​​struggled with the slower treble and bass patterns, according to Neely. Then, the group trained the tool using the sound at 8 KHz, eliminating noise and increasing the recording speed, generating better results.

By limiting the data set to the fastest low licks, RNN managed to adapt better to the pace, as it likes fast movements, according to Dadabots. And so, they were able to improve the sound quality and finally get to what they wanted: an uninterrupted bass solo generated by AI.

Hear artificial intelligence playing bass

The solo created by the technological tool started streaming on YouTube on December 13th. Since then, AI has been playing bass non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week as if it were a person, except that the human being would hardly be able to spend a few hours playing continuously.

According to Dadabots, the tool generates notes so fast and energetic in some moments that there even seems to be two basses playing at the same time, generating very different sounds.

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Listen to AI in action, showing all your musical talent live:


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