Artificial Intelligence picks Henry Cavill for James Bond


Daniel Craig, 52, has been giving life to the character of James Bond ‘agent 007’, one of the most iconic characters in cinema history since Casino Royale, which was released in 2006, but No Time to Die, which is planned to be released in November, is the last production we saw Craig as agent 007. it will be.

The fact that Daniel Craig is going to bid farewell to the role of James Bond naturally brings to mind the question “Who will be the next James Bond?”, who decided to use artificial intelligence to give a possible answer to this question, determined the most suitable British actor to become a new agent 007 with his study.

Henry Cavill, the British actor best suited to the role of James Bond, according to artificial intelligence

According to the statement, defined both the characteristics of the Bond character and the characteristics of the actors to artificial intelligence in order to determine the most suitable name to be James Bond, and the artificial intelligence determined the suitability of British players to be James Bond as a percentage.

According to the results of the study, Henry Cavill, who gained world fame with his role as Superman and succeeded to win the hearts of the audience once again with his role as Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher, is the most suitable name to be James Bond with 92.3 percent. According to artificial intelligence, the most suitable alternatives to Cavill are Richard Armitage with 92 percent and Idris Elba with 90.9 percent.

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According to artificial intelligence, Gina Carano is the best name in the world to be James Bond has also expanded its work internationally to find an answer to the question “Who would be the most appropriate name if James Bond was played by an actor from anywhere in the world?” And this time, Karl Urban was the most suitable name to be James Bond with 96.7 percent. Chris Evans with 93.9 percent and Will Smith with 92.2 percent stood out as the best alternatives to Urban.

Although the producers of the James Bond series have confirmed that the next James Bond will not be a woman, has also identified the actors best suited to be James Bond. Accordingly, Gina Carano is the most suitable name to be James Bond with 97.3 percent. Moreover, Carano’s suitability rate is even higher than Urban and Cavill. According to artificial intelligence, the best alternatives to Carano are Katee Sackhoff with 94.4 percent and Angeline Jolie with 94.2 percent.


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