Artificial Intelligence of Objects turns fiction into reality


Almost 2 decades ago, films like Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg, made people’s heads showing a world in 2054 in which the Washington police were able to predict crimes thanks to mutant humans. In addition, there were equipment such as interactive gloves, facial and iris recognition, connected cars and many other things that, at the time of its launch, in 2002, were hard to believe.

Even today, many of the technologies on the screens seem distant from our daily lives, such as the Eye of God in the Fast and Furious franchise, which allows us to identify people in milliseconds in a megalopolis in the United States.

In the film, you can quickly find a face in a city using the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) concept through any camera.

Gradually, many of these things have already become reality or are about to transform fiction in our daily lives. In order to make this possible, there are several companies carrying out years of studies, tests and putting them into practice.

Fiction in practice

One of the companies that has stood out worldwide for its incredible capacity in AIoT Surveillance Solution or Artificial Intelligence of Things with a Focus on Video Monitoring Solutions is the multinational Dahua Technology.

The brand explains that it offers AIoT resources for cities and large companies, adding value to the Internet of Things (IoT) through ultramodern systems composed of algorithms capable of identifying people, animals, objects, colors, emotions, clothing, license plates and even even predict potential crimes.

The company would be an “Apple of intelligent electronic security cameras”. Its products are present in more than 180 countries; therefore, the dedication for this was not small, being recognized globally for its studies in the sector and for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 400 million dollars were invested in research and development, bringing his experience to moments when safety is essential – in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and in large arenas, such as Allianz Parque, for example.

Facial recognition systems with intelligent algorithms have started to assist public authorities in several situations, including the fight against crime. One example is Heart of City, technology from Dahua Technology that uses artificial intelligence to monitor suspects, behaviors and stolen cars in a smart city, working in much the same way as the Eye of God from the movie Fast and Furious.

This technology makes it possible to predict crimes thanks to the support of machine learning. In a city like São Paulo, it would be humanly impossible to view thousands of cameras, but artificial intelligence is capable of making this a reality and bringing tranquility to everyone. Surveys conducted in Asia indicate that safe cities can have a growth in their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that exceeds double digits.

Containment of diseases

We know that one of the main symptoms of covid-19 is fever and that early detection of the disease is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in corporate or commercial environments. It is in this sense that the use of thermal cameras for mass measurement of body temperature has been helping companies and organizations that cannot stop their activities in a time of quarantine. The Dahua Technology AI thermal camera, in conjunction with a high-precision blackbody, is capable of measuring 500 individuals in just 3 minutes, while a pistol-type thermometer would take more than 30 minutes.

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The high-precision calibrator avoids any kind of variable that can alter the body’s temperature, such as strong lighting, air conditioning, sunlight and other factors – in addition, it does not emit radiation that compromises health.

Another option widely adopted in shopping centers in the post-quarantine period is the counting of 3D people, carried out by special cameras installed at the entrance and exit doors of the place. If the maximum capacity is reached, the control panel automatically issues an alert to the operational security manager and a monitor informs the mall’s regulars that the location’s capacity is temporarily depleted.

Certainly, the “new normal” may be less impactful if these technologies are implemented. São Paulo International Airport and Salvador Metro are already using Dahua Technology’s thermal cameras, with AIoT as an ally in protecting passengers.

This technology also allows the monitoring of forests with a high rate of burning, gas stations, large areas with zero lighting and protection of animals on high-visibility roads.

What are the differentials of a Dahua Technology camera?

One of the doubts that most arrest the public at the moment is the real difference between a camera from Dahua Technology, a private multinational leader in the AIoT Surveillance Solution technology area, and the devices found in large popular technology centers, such as Santa Efigênia, in São Paulo .

Imagine that you want to go for a walk to an aunt’s house in Itatiba (SP). The best solution is to use your comfortable and good quality car, which would be the equivalent of a traditional camera found in large retailers. But if you need to win a Formula 1 race, there is no other solution than using a high-performance, high-tech vehicle, which here would be a product from Dahua Technology.

Dahua Technology is a multinational that operates only in large projects, but there are Brazilian brands that can meet the need for installers with total quality and safety. According to the company, about 12 million cameras are produced annually, hundreds of customized industrial drones and thousands of meters of ultra-definition LED panels whose quality has already been approved by major institutions and design awards in the world.

The facial recognition system, evaluated by the American agency National Institute of Standards (NIST), was elected one of the ten best in the world. Currently, the company operates in Brazil with an exclusive focus on major AIoT Surveillance Solution projects in banks, retailers, highways, transport, airports, ports, stadiums and smart cities.

If 20 years ago the innovations cited in this text seemed unimaginable, today, with all the numbers and reach of the company, Dahua Technology shows that fiction is not far from reality – and that the future has finally arrived.


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