Artificial Intelligence Led To Arrest Of An Innocent Man


How much do you rely on artificial intelligence algorithms? If you have high confidence, you can pull it down a bit because the first false arrest happened last January due to artificial intelligence algorithms.

It is a fact accepted by almost everyone that artificial intelligence and the technologies that develop with it are now well into our lives and will play much bigger roles in our lives in the future.

It is still not possible to say that artificial intelligence and related technologies are flawless or flawless. The reason we say this is that it is the first time that a police facial recognition artificial intelligence algorithm detects an innocent person as a criminal and leads to a false arrest.

Artificial intelligence that caused the arrest of an innocent person:

According to a report in Futurism, Robert Julian-Borchak Williams was arrested by the Detroit police in January. The reason for Williams being arrested was that his facial recognition artificial intelligence determined that he was the person in the images of a store robbery that took place in 2018. While this was a completely mismatched match, Williams had to spend 30 hours in prison for trust in artificial intelligence.

Face recognition technology has been debated for a long time and it is stated that this technology is not developed enough to be trusted in detecting a criminal. Developers developing facial recognition technologies warn against the use of this technology alone in an arrest, which seems to be the opposite of Williams’ arrest.

According to news from Futurism from the New York Times, the software used by Detroit police to capture Williams said, “This tool does not provide an exact identification. This is only a guideline for the investigation and not a possible reason for arrest. ”

“It is very likely that this is not the first time that someone has been wrongly identified for a crime that was not committed,” said Clare Garvie, a lawyer at Georgetown University. It is the first event we know of. ”


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