Artificial Intelligence Detecting ‘Mental Health’ According to People’s Speech


A study conducted by clinical therapists revealed that artificial intelligence can determine the mental health of individuals based on speeches. Researchers suggest that artificial intelligence technology may be used in the clinical field in the future.

According to a study conducted by the University of California and USC Signal Analysis and Interpretation (SAIL), artificial intelligence can analyze people’s speech to accurately analyze individuals’ mental health.

Researchers; They analyzed the speech of individuals with serious illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Clinical therapists involved in the research aimed to collect the voice data of the patients and determine the state of their mental health with the interactive application called MyCoachConnect developed by the researchers at the University of California. The data obtained were then analyzed by artificial intelligence and the mental health of the patients was tried to be determined. The results revealed by artificial intelligence were quite interesting.

Artificial intelligence made the same diagnosis as clinical therapists:
Dr. of the names at the beginning of the research. “Thanks to artificial intelligence, we had the chance to discover new details that could present clinical data in patients’ speeches and sounds,” Shri Narayanan said. Collecting data on mental health from the change in patients ‘voices, researchers may use artificial intelligence in the future to determine the direction of patients’ health status. In addition, artificial intelligence can become a very reliable method to determine what other treatments applied to patients have had.

Another name at the beginning of the research, Dr. Armen Arevian said, “The basis of psychiatry is always based on listening to people. Based on this basic principle, we aim to obtain more detailed information about the health status of patients by listening to what individuals are telling thanks to modern artificial intelligence technologies. Thus, the different treatment methods needed by each patient can be determined better. ”

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What are your thoughts on how artificial intelligence can determine the mental health of individuals based on speeches? Could future doctors be artificial intelligence technology? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.


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