Artificial Intelligence Companies Cause Problems


The research company Capgemini investigated how artificial intelligence affects sectoral life. Research shows that 60 percent of companies that make decisions on artificial intelligence have gone through a legal review process. The research also reveals what kind of artificial intelligence systems consumers want.

Capgemini, a consultancy company based in France, conducted a research on the reflection of artificial intelligence on the sectors. Research has revealed that 90 percent of companies that start using artificial intelligence-supported systems face various ethical problems. This high rate can deeply affect companies that produce artificial intelligence systems.

Capgemini reveals that both consumers and organizations are not satisfied enough with artificial intelligence. However, customers are looking for contactless and remote systems, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, most of the artificial intelligence systems that are put on the market under current conditions do not have such support. It seems that the sectors will mostly turn to remote and contactless systems in the coming periods.

According to the researches, a majority of consumers, such as 68 percent, want their artificial intelligence systems to be fair and unbiased. When we look at this demand from the perspective of organizations, it turns out that only 53 percent care about this situation. Moreover, the ethical researches of artificial intelligence systems belonging to only 46 percent of organizations are audited by independent companies.

“60 percent of the decisions made by artificial intelligence systems led to the legal review of organizations”

Capgemini’s research shows that many of the decisions made by AI systems do not satisfy consumers. Because until today, 60 percent of companies that have made decisions on artificial intelligence have gone through legal review processes due to the decisions taken. However, 22 percent of consumers reacted to the decisions made by artificial intelligence.

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One of the remarkable points of the research is about how organizations describe artificial intelligence. According to Capgemini, 73 percent of companies with artificial intelligence-supported systems worldwide in 2019 provided information to consumers. In this informative text, companies also explained how the decisions made by artificial intelligence affect companies. This rate decreased to 59 percent in 2020.

According to Capgemini, organizations must focus on 7 elements in order to create an ethically sound artificial intelligence system. These elements; The purpose of the development of artificial intelligence is clearly stated and the potential of this artificial intelligence is evaluated, the proactive distribution of the developed artificial intelligence for the benefit of the society and the environment, the development of the system in terms of diversity and participation principles throughout the life cycle, increasing transparency, ensuring human surveillance, creating the technological soundness of the system and the privacy of people. comes across as providing.


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