Arthur Shelby will return with his wife in the next installment


Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) of Peaky Blinders has been suffering from stress disorder, struggled even more with his mental health. But his violent outbursts began to take its toll on his wife Linda Shelby (Kate Phillips) in season five.

When the drama returned for its fifth season, Linda was more distant from Arthur than ever. She began to think about how to divorce him, and during this time, she also began talking to a widower about her experiences on Peaky Blinders.

Polly shot Linda before he had a chance to kill Arthur and, with Tommy’s help, he was able to heal his wound. Explaining her actions, Linda said that shooting Arthur “would have been a kindness”, using the Peaky Blinders mantra against him.

Then Linda was seen walking away. But this won’t be the last time we see Linda, as she will return for the sixth installment of Peaky Blinders. Actress Kate Phillips said:

“I have a script before and then I had to wait a bit to find out what really happened.”

The Peaky Blinders actress went on to explain that she was told in good faith that she would not be out of the picture, but you never know. This is the kind of drama that is exciting, anyone can go.

Filming for new episodes of Peaky Blinders has not started and is not likely to do so until earlier this year. This means that the drama may not return until late 2021 or even early next year 2022.

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