Artemis agreements signed by 8 countries


The Artemis Agreements, created by the American Aerospace Agency NASA to determine the rules for exploration on the Moon, were signed by America and 7 other countries. It was noteworthy that Russia, which is both one of NASA’s biggest partners and competitors, is not on the list.

NASA announced that 8 countries, including the United States, have formed an international coalition known as the Artemis Agreements, committed to standardizing exploration on the lunar surface. NASA made its intention to draft the agreements in May after working with the US State Department and the National Space Council to explore the Moon. The name of the document comes from the project that plans to send a human and the first female astronaut to the lunar surface years later.

Artemis Anlaşmaları

Among the countries that signed the agreement outside the United States are Australia, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The agency stated that other countries interested in signing the agreement were also discussed, but the 7 countries in question completed the process in the fastest way. Other countries’ interest in the deal gives hope that they will be able to sign it soon, perhaps at the end of the year.

“This is the first announcement we made, it is not the end for the nations participating in the agreements,” said Mike Gold, Deputy Director of NASA’s Office of International and Inter-agency Relations. On the contrary, it is a new beginning ”.

On the other hand, it was noteworthy that Russia, one of the biggest partners of NASA, did not have a signature in the agreement. Speaking on the subject, Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian space program, made it clear that he was not a fan of the program. Stating that the agreements signed resemble a kind of lunar invasion, Rogozin stated that the Artemis Program is too US-centered. In addition, China, another space power, is among the countries that do not have a signature in the agreements.

Prior to the signing of the Artemis Accords, countries around the world had signed a large-scale agreement focused on how to explore space. The agreement, known as the Outer Space Treaty, entered into force in 1967 with the awareness that the exploration of space should be carried out in a peaceful environment. The agreement also restricted weapons of mass destruction from being in space and countries from making claims anywhere outside the world.


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