Artem Chigvintsev “very sad” his parents can’t come to his wedding with Nikki Bella: “it’s equivalent impossible”


Missing from the holiday. Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella haven’t been married for a few more months, but they already know at least two people who may not have been able to join them: his parents, Vladimir and Anna.

“I think it will be [a] zoom type of situation, or some kind of deal of facts, but unfortunately not personally, which makes me very sad.”

The ballroom dancer and his Fiancée, 38, got engaged in November 2019, but one of the reasons they waited for the knot to be such that Chigvintsev’s parents could make the trip to the United States from their native Russia. Since then, the coronavirus-related worldwide has been weakened, but now travel from Russia has been fraught due to the country’s ongoing war with Ukraine.

“I think why [we] were actually waiting for the wedding to happen, the biggest thing was because I want my parents to be here,” Strictly Come Dancing explained to us. “It may not really be possible, to be honest.”

Earlier this month, Bella told us that she and her Fiancé are locked in a wedding party for this fall. The former pro wrestler added that the pair were “just getting started” looking at places, adding that they may have already found one available on your chosen date.

“Then Bree will have to start getting busy, because she’s honored, and I’ll have to put her to work,” joked the disparate Glauway on April 9, referring to her sister Bree Bella.

Chigvintsev, for his part, is also involved in the planning process.

“I really want to be involved,” he told us on Saturday. “It’s really exciting for me too. … I know a lot of things Nicole is figuring out because it involves a lot of her stuff like the dress and all the other stuff, but at my end I definitely brought a lot of input into it, so it won’t just be one person’s decision-making.”

Shortly after the duo welcomed son Matteo, now 20 months old, Bella said she thought it would be “awesome” for the little one to walk down the aisle at her parents’ wedding. “Well, walking down the aisle means it will take some time,” Chigvintsev joked in September 2020, a month after Matteo was born.

This shouldn’t be a problem now, as the kid has an “infinite amount of energy” according to his dad. “About 6 pages. “Right before going to bed, he needs to let it go.”