Arrowverse unveils first Lois Lane as strong as Superman


While Superman & Lois has not been the first and will not be the last adaptation of Superman. The spinoff takes the pair in a new direction, depicting them at a time in their lives that has generally not been explored on screen.

With the creation of Tierra-Prima, Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) are now the parents of two teenage children. As they deal with raising two children, one of whom has inherited Superman’s abilities.

The family is also busy returning to Smallville after Martha Kent’s death. The premiere of Superman & Lois reveals that Morgan Edge bought the Daily Planet and caused massive layoffs.

Morgan Edge also bought Smallville Bank, all of which sets an important path for Lois and establishes why the Arrowverse version of the beloved reporter is as powerful as the Man of Steel.

Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) may not have Kryptonian superpowers or wear a costume, but her role as her journalist makes her as much of a superhero as Clark. She is also the key person to land Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin).

Lois also represents the common human being in Superman & Lois, which is why she is as legendary as she is in mythology. She fights evil with her words and uses her reporter role to get the truth.

In many ways, Lois has been a superhero longer than Clark, as she has been operating longer as a reporter before he became the Man of Steel.

Even though Clark’s firing came as a shock, it actually benefits both of them, as he can focus on his parental responsibilities while Lois gets a heroic bow of her own in Superman & Lois.


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