Arrowverse: Trailer of Superman and Lois of the World


In a new trailer released by The CW to celebrate the Arrowverse, we will start to get a “taste” of what will be the series of Superman & Lois, which will be launched in 2021.

In the trailer, we see that the starting point is Smallville and now the universe is called The CWverse Superheroes. With the classic sound of Superman playing in the background, by John Williams, the camera goes through several stories on the Daily Planet with headlines like: “I spent the night with Superman” and “Superman saves the day”.

What the Arrowverse teaser shows

We heard Superman’s (Tyler Hoechlin) voice off, asking, “What if this wasn’t the life we ​​should have after the crisis?” Then he addresses his children off-screen and says, “Your mom is planning a trip.”

The camera flies over Smallville again while a smiling woman comments: “Clark Kent, back to Smallville”. It is not the voice of Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch), which leads us to believe that she may be Clark’s great friend, Lana Lang, experienced in the series by Emmanuelle Chriqui.

The camera shows Lois repairing a truck that Clark is handling. He says an enigmatic phrase: “This family needs Smallville as much as the world needs Superman.”

Check the trailer.

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