Arrowverse Finally Gets The Villain It Deserves In The New DC Crossover


Warning! Spoilers for Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6 from DC Comics

The Arrowverse may be a shell of itself on the small screen, but in the comics, Earth-Prime just got the ultimate villain she deserves. In the new preview of Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight from DC Comics, Magog finally makes his grand entrance against Supergirl, Impulse and other Arrowverse heroes, sending a series of attacks that will make the grand finale of the crossover one that he will not be able to miss.

The Arrow Universe is the culmination of several shows broadcast on the CW, starting with the debut of the Arrow starring Green Arrow in 2012. “Black Lightning”, “Batwoman” and “Supergirl” participated in the show on the network. However, in 2022, only “Flash” and “Superman and Lois” remained after the cancellation of the still popular spin-offs Arrowverse Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. Since the small-screen series have been cut, the crossover in the comics gives the universe the Arrows of the villain it deserves, as Kingdom Come’s Magog enters his final battle with the heroes.

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In the new preview for Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6¬†Thomas Pound, Jeff Hersh, Will Robson, Alex Sinclair and Tom Napolitano Magog’s final plan is finally revealed when he unleashes his collection of villains from different places and times. Bart and Nora Allen fight Magog, but they are quickly defeated by an energetic villain. Impulse almost dies before Supergirl arrives on the scene. Bart looks at the “Supergirl-level threat” with amazement.

However, even though Supergirl intervenes in the fight against Magog, the villain’s plans continue. Throughout the Arrowverse crossover, Magog has assembled several terrifying villains to stop the era of heroes, including Clay Face, Kal-El from another Earth, Needle clone and Evil Eye. The preview ends with the unmasking of who Magog is as he ramps up attacks across the city.

The Arrowverse crossovers on the small screen were very funny, but they never felt that its greatest heroes came face to face with the only force that managed to defeat all the heroes at once with their cunning plan. Of course, the stakes were high, especially during the adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, but the main villains, such as Anti-Monitor and Despereaux, in various superhero teams are not the most memorable.

Magog’s incredible powers and his travels through space and time, pulling the bad guys out of each hero’s fraudulent gallery, eventually give the Universe the Arrows of a worthy crossover villain. Unfortunately, Magog never made a live appearance in the Arrow Universe, as he would have been the perfect final boss when the CW show came to an end. Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight from DC Comics goes on sale on Tuesday.