Arrowverse: 10 pairs of roles in the DC series


In DC comics, many couples have been formed involving different superheroes, but they are hardly represented in the Arrowverse series.

So we have put together a list of 10 couples of heroes that happened in the comics, but that should not happen in the DC series (or will they?).

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Superman and Wonder Woman

In Arrowverse, the DC heroine was never even introduced, which makes it difficult for this romance to happen. In addition, Clark has already been shown happy alongside Lois Lane, making the romance with Diana unlikely to happen in the world of series, despite having materialized in the comic stories.

Batman and Catwoman

The Bat Man has already been confirmed as an integral part of the Arrowverse, so if he returns to the Batwoman universe, the dynamics could easily be explored.

Bruce and Selina are the greatest example of enemies that end up getting involved in a great romance. In the comics, they even got engaged.

Linda Park and Wally West

The two characters have already appeared in the series The Flash, but in contexts that made it impossible for them to be together.

Linda was initially one of Barry’s love interests before he entered into a serious relationship with Iris. Wally, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, ended up leaving the main cast of the series due to other commitments. Thanks to this, the couple missed their opportunity.

Raven and Beast Boy

In the Titans series, Teagan Croft, who plays Ravenna, is just 16 years old. Meanwhile, Beast Boy actor Ryan Potter is 24, which results in a considerable age difference.

Despite the close dynamics between the characters, many consider the DC couple unlikely to happen.

Aquaman and Mera

Despite being one of DC’s most powerful hero couples, the chances of seeing the pair on the Arrowverse are slim, especially considering they weren’t even introduced.

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However, as Cisco (The Flash) informs, Atlantis was moved to Earth-1, which brings the characters closer to the main core.

Arsenal and Lynx

The Green Arrow partner was introduced to Arrow, but remained for the entire series only with Oliver’s sister Thea Queen. With the spin-off Green Arrow and the Canaries, the possibility of seeing Arsenal with the villain can still be considered.

Night Wing and Oracle

Since Dick Grayson is one of the protagonists of Titans and Barbara Gordon will be present in the third season of the series, there is still a slight chance that we will see the dynamics of the comic books flourish in the series as well.

Talia Al Ghul and Batman

Talia was introduced in Season 5 of Arrow, but the Bat Man was always left out. The interaction between the two in the comics is quite conflicted, but ended up resulting in Damian Wayne, son of the two who ends up taking on the robe of Robin.

Even so interesting, it is possible that we will never see the hero couple together in an Arrowverse series.

Zatanna and Constantine

The duo is considered one of the strongest superhero couples in DC and can happen on the Arrowverse, mainly because Constantine is already in the regular cast of Legends of Tomorrow, just that Zatanna is introduced as well.

Ralph and Sue Dibny

Although both have already appeared in The Flash, one of the main DC series, and have shown a possible romance, things have never really been said.

The actor who played the Elastic Man, Hartley Sawyer, was removed from the series due to prejudiced tweets, which makes the couple’s future uncertain on the Arrowverse.


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