Arrowverse: 10 characters worked out on the screen better than in comics


Arrowverse has created so many intriguing original characters, while at the same time attracting familiar faces from the pages of DC comics. Often because of the serial formatting of the show, there are more opportunities to explore the depths of these heroes and villains. In some cases, the CW’s Arrowverse series could even develop these characters with more detail than the comics.

Whether they were just supporting figures on the page who weren’t given a chance to prove themselves, or DC TV shows were able to reinvent these vigilantes for a modern audience, the writers eventually gave fans a powerful list of challenging characters to explore.


Lucifer took the main character, who became so famous for portraying Neil Gaiman in The Sandman, and created several seasons around the devil himself. While DC had several comics dedicated exclusively to the fallen angel, this series allowed Lucifer to become a leading man like never before.

Shown as part of the larger Arrow Multiverse on Earth-666, Lucifer introduced many original characters, many of whom changed the devil’s views on humanity. On the screen there is the evolution of the human hell, which the source material does not fully correspond to.

Rene Ramirez

On the page, Wild Dog is just another one of the many vigilantes in the DC universe. In fact, even the most persistent fans before his appearance in “Arrow” did not know who Jack Wheeler was. Everything changed after the character concept was introduced as a new minor member of Oliver’s team, this time disguised as Rene Ramirez.

Throughout the show, he had his back to the wall, made several morally questionable decisions to protect his daughter, and received a tragic backstory that actually told the audience a little more about what drives the hero. With an eventual costume upgrade, as a Wild Dog he was deadly and brutal, selling a fighting style that wasn’t in the comics.

Allegra Garcia

In both the Arrowverse and the comics, Allegra Garcia is presented as a criminal when she is first introduced. But while in the source material, the daughter of the villain “Wave” is constantly in the shadow of her family, “Flash” allows her to turn into a real hero.

From entering the world of journalism to becoming a useful and reliable member of the Flash Team, Allegra learns how to contribute to the development of her city while honing her metahuman abilities. Her rivalry and relationship with her cousin also have a much deeper depth than any family ties in the comics. Despite the fact that her focused episodes seem to be classified as fillers, they always capture and attract attention.

Astra Log

Astra Log plays a very minor role in the comics. In fact, she really is the catalyst for a personal struggle inside John Constantine, as he accidentally cursed her in hell for eternity. In “Constantine” the same thing happens when the young Astra is doomed to the underworld for all her days.

However, the Arrowverse has a way to return to forgotten stories, and Astra has triumphantly returned to Legends Of Tomorrow. She was given a clear voice, she escaped from hell, joined the team and began to study magic. She’s strong and extremely capable, but she’s still learning what it means to be a hero.

Zari Tomaz

Zari Tomaz is not a full-fledged comic book character. Her alternate identity, Isis, is featured on the page, but the identity behind the powers belongs to Andrea Thomas or sometimes Adrianna Tomaz. Thus, the small screen painted a slightly different picture of this previously inspired by the Egyptians vigilante.

The Dawn screen presents a different cultural background and marital status. From the distant future, she and her brother were once part of the resistance, fighting against those who suppressed strong people. In an alternate timeline, Dawn has become a social media icon and influencer. Any personality has been developed much more than what DC Comics have tried to do in the past.

Chester P. Rank

Chester P. Rank may be a minor character, but he boasts the energy of the main character. Comics may have endowed him with superior intelligence, but as an assistant to the hero of Chunk, he was mostly perceived as a comedic character. However, this is not the case in The Flash.

In fact, as a key member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Chester helps Scarlet Speedster and the rest of the group solve their technological problems. He invents, corrects and theorizes so that Team Flash can achieve the best results for Central City. Having changed Cisco and started a relationship with Allegra, Chester has a lot of additional stories that you can dive into, which are not on the page.

Beth Kane

Beth Kane has a complicated relationship with her sister Kate. Alice is an unpredictable force of nature, experiencing the tragedy of her past. Comics play a role in the development of this character, but do not push her evolution as much as Batwoman does on the CW.