Arón Piper (Elite) unveils his new featuring “Diamantes”!


Elite flagship actor Arón Piper has taken to music. Moreover, he has just unveiled his brand new feat “Diamantes”!

Elite actor Arón Piper has unveiled his brand new featuring “Diamantes”. And frankly, we are already a fan!

Arón Piper is definitely a star with many hats.

Indeed, the young man, made famous thanks to his role in the Netflix Elite series, has a series of pro projects.

So, when he’s not on a movie set, the handsome brunette is modeling. Indeed, spotted by Vogue and Lacoste, the young man has become a real fashion muse. Class!

But far from being satisfied with his acting and modeling career, the young man recently decided to take up music. And to be honest, in this area too, Arón Piper has talent!

Moreover, the singer has just unveiled his new featuring titled “Diamantes”.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


Arón Piper’s new fad seems to be gaining in importance in his life. Indeed, the Elite actor, recently retrained in the music industry, shares his musical creations more and more regularly.

Moreover, a few hours ago, the beautiful brunette unveiled his latest sound, entitled “Diamantes”. And frankly, we are a fan!

At the same time, this song is heady, the rhythm catching, and the lyrics quite soft. In short, enough to have a good time.

Besides, we are not the only ones who appreciate this sound.

Indeed, in commentary, the singer’s fans are numerous to be seduced:

“This sound is just wonderful. “,” I love Arón! “,” We want a music video “,” The beat is so fun. The title “Diamantes” and the song go very well together. ”

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Yes, everyone already adores “Diamantes”!

By the way, for those who have not yet listened to it, we leave you with the music just below!


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