Arón Piper (Elite) handsome boy on Instagram


Via his Instagram story, Arón Piper – the flagship actor of Elite – delighted his followers by unveiling a new video of him!

Bomb alert ! Arón Piper strikes again … The singer of “Ander Muñoz” caused a sensation by appearing very elegant via his Instagram story.

To this day, Arón Piper is one of the most promising actors of his generation. Revealed to the general public thanks to the “Elite” series, he also played the role of Ander Muñoz during the first two seasons.

Like his other comrades in the saga, the young man is also very active on Instagram. And more than 12 million Internet users follow with enthusiasm all his daily life on this social network.

It is true that he shares a lot of things there! Passionate about fashion, he is also the darling of the greatest fashion designers!

Arón Piper has also collaborated with Jacquemus. But also with the Lacoste brand.

On the Web, he therefore likes to share all his looks of the moment! And his followers love everything he wears.

A few hours ago, the actor gave a lesson in style again. And to do so, he took hold of his Instagram story again. The proof in pictures!


As you can see, Arón Piper has shared a new video of him. In the excerpt, it’s hard to tell if the actor is in his own walk-in closet or if he’s trying on in a luxury boutique.

Facing the camera, Maria Pedraza’s sidekick proudly displayed her pretty outfit. Dressed in checkered pants and an elegant blue sweater, Arón Piper seemed to be totally won over by his choice of dress.

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Unfortunately for his fans, he did not specify the brands of his clothes! But it’s a safe bet that this video made its small impact with its many subscribers … Not to change!


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