Arnold Schwarzenegger with his family at Oktoberfest.


This year there was a very famous guest at Oktoberfest again. Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) has already attended the Munich play in 2018. Together with his son Patrick Schwarzenegger (29 years old) he celebrated his 25th birthday. Two years earlier, he had already celebrated the birthday of his illegitimate son Joseph Baen (24 years old) there. The actor of “Terminator” this year again remained faithful to this tradition and appeared at the folklore festival accompanied by his sons.

Judging by the photo, Arnold was on Wiesn again this year. This time on the occasion of the birthday of Christopher Schwarzenegger’s son (24) and his passing of university exams. On Saturday, he celebrated with his two sons and nephew at the Marstall tent. There was also a special highlight: Arnie conducted the Marstall Chapel. In his honor, the Royal Bavarian Orchestra sang “Steirer Men are very good” for a native of Styria.

Arnold also appeared at the Bits & Pretzels startup fair and gave a motivational speech. “Nothing is impossible, believe in yourself and take small steps towards your vision every day!” was his call to the enthusiastic audience. Finally, the 75-year-old smoked another cigar at the Käfer-Schänke restaurant on Sunday, as befits his type.


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