Arnold Schwarzenegger to make his TV debut in spy series


Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for several iconic films like Terminator and Kindergarten Cop, will star in a new original series from Skydance Television. The actor will also act as executive producer.

The production, created by Nick Santora, was described as an adventure that also involves global espionage. In it, Schwarzenegger plays a father who together with his daughter will need to deal with some important problems. According to the Deadline website, there is information that the cast is already being cast.

Skydance’s David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Bill Bost are also involved in the project that still has the supervision of Carolyn Harris. This would be the first major television production that Schwarzenegger would get involved in. In addition to his vast film career, it is worth remembering that he was also governor of California for some years.

In addition to this production, the actor is in the cast of the new film by David Sandberg, playing the president. Kung Fury 2 is expected to launch in 2020, but with the pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the film, which still features Eleni Young, Alexandra Shipp and Michael Fassbender in the main roles.

Among Schwarzenegger’s other projects, there is also a Twin Brothers sequence scheduled to begin. The production is expected to feature Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy.

Thus, we must wait for news related to this series, which should be released soon!


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