ARMY will celebrate JHope’s birthday with these birthday projects


Check out all the details of how you can participate in the Hoseok celebration party. Hoseok was born on February 18, 1994, in the city of Gwangju, in South Korea.

The birthday of the BTS sun is getting closer, ARMY around the world is not wasting time and has been preparing a cluster of surprises for the main dancer , so we bring you the list of some activities that will be carried out in honor of J-Hope

These include some projects or activities, simply things you can do from the comfort of your social networks, but adding your grain of sand to the celebration for the celebration .

Change the profile photo and the cover photo in networks on all social networks so that Hope World, Chicken Noodle Soup, or Hobi , Sunshine are put on so that it is a way for many people to be inspired, hashtags be used #HobiMonth, #HappyBirthdayHoseok, #HopeWorld, #HopeDay among others.

Fashion With Jhope
Another project is for fans to be inspired by the way J-Hope dresses and with # FashionWithJhope or #FashionInHopeWorld they can upload their photo imitating one of the various outfits that Hobi has worn over time.

At the airport of Incheon there is a whole bridge consists of screens, where advertising spends a fanbase rented space to publish fragments of different video where it seems Hoseok in the form of celebration to the dancer BTS .

How about?

Another activity in which ARMY is devoting a lot of effort is to make ‘ EGO ‘ get more than 50 million views on the YouTube platform , which was released on February 2 this year and belongs to the ‘Map comeback trailer of the Soul: 7 ‘

#DanceFo rJHOPE a project where fans will have to put all their business and talent, creating a choreography or song completely inspired by Hoseok .

Everyone can participate and upload their video to the different platforms to see the support and love that fans feel for the birthday boy.


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