ARMY welcomes Jimin’s birthday with this surprise


BTS’s Jimin was a global trend on social media; ARMY received a month of the artist’s birth with tender publications.

#HelloJimtober was trending around the world and in South Korea (along with 3 other keywords) as fans around the world welcome the birth month of Park Jimin, the lead vocalist and main dancer of BTS.

“Jimtober” is a combination of Jimin plus October. The artist, who was born on October 13, 1995, will celebrate his 25th birthday in less than two weeks. Fans around the world have been organizing various projects to celebrate his birthday.

Known for his great popularity and influence, it was recently shared that Jimin received special permission for his birthday announcement at Dubai Mall (the world’s largest shopping mall) and CGV M-Live Media in Gangnam.

Tribute to Jimin in Dubai

Another event is a Jimin-themed street in Myeongdong. The Dubai Mall is said to only receive commercial advertisements from well-known brands, while CGV M-Live has strict regulations on deliberation.

However, all of them, including the Seoul city government and the Myeongdong Special Tourism Zone Association, have granted special permission for Jimin’s birthday announcement to be publicized and street organized with the theme of artist due to his status in South Korea and his influence around the world.

It’s just the start of Jimin’s birthday month, but the BTS member already has more than 120 birthday projects around the world.

ARMY has organized events such as large-scale announcements, various donations, road signs, Jimin-themed buses, and many more. It’s safe to say that his fans will turn the entire world into “Jimin’s world” on his birthday.

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