ARMY viralizes Suga for being so beautiful


One of the most impressive fandom is ARMY, and their power is such that they can turn almost anything, the last thing was to make Suga viral. This happened.

Music fandoms are a special kind of fandom, they are dedicated, fierce and organized, then there is ARMY, the BTS fandom whose power is the most impressive, even hijacking disrespectful or harmful trending topics to flood us with BTS fancams and images . And where is Suga?

Turns out, when BTS fans decided it was time to celebrate band member Suga, everyone on Twitter knew about it. Claims that Suga was the most beautiful man began to spread like wildfire on Twitter, all of which was fueled by Suga’s new look, which he revealed in a TikTok video.

Suga and the TikTok video

Wearing a fuzzy warm looking sweater is enough to give off great boyfriend vibes on its own, but the hair, trademark earrings, adorable smile, and little peace sign make everyone melt just by looking at Suga.

We know that BTS’s fanbase is made up mostly of girls, but obviously this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but most of the fandom is definitely female persuasion, and most of them are definitely in love with celebrities and every one has his favorites.

The internet was flooded with adoration for Suga, Daechwita’s interpreter and claims that he is the cutest, prettiest, and most handsome man currently living on the planet such as:

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“Is he the cutest? Is Suga the cutest human in the world?”

And while the other six members of BTS may compete, the image of Min Yoon Gi practicing guitar with a giant bucket of pretzels certainly makes us smile.

“Don’t stop Suga, never stop. The BTS ARMY needs you to remain a precious human. “

It almost feels like a crime against humanity to allow Suga to be so handsome and so talented when it comes to music. Seriously. Who let this happen? It’s no wonder Twitter spontaneously erupted in love for his.


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