ARMY turns 7 as a fandom and celebrates it


Behind a great artist, there is a great fandom. ARMY celebrates its 7th anniversary , seven years, 7 boys and a common dream.

On June 13, the BTS guys celebrated another year of career in K-pop. The group debuted with the song “No more dream”, almost a month later they chose their fandom, who honor their name.

In South Korea it is already July 9, the day that BTS revealed the official name of its fan base, who are now known as ARMY, an army that is behind album purchases, streaming on music platforms, translations, audiences. In each of their concerts, I support them on social networks, loving them and loving themselves thanks to their music.

In K-pop it is a tradition that groups designate the title that their fandom will carry, some have very special meanings or in relation to the name of idols. ARMY matches Bangtan Sonyeondan, whose translation is “Bulletproof Boys” and they are his shield.

On several occasions, the members have expressed their gratitude to them, who, in the words of RM, have given them the wings to achieve great things such as their attendance at the Grammy, the top in the charts and seeing their dreams as idols fulfilled.

In these 7 years of support, fanchants, projects, hashtags, and concerts, ARMY has lit BTS’s path purple in color with their ARMY Bomb. Both have experienced a path where mutual love and have been the life lessons they have learned together.

On social networks, the hashtags #Happy7thBirthdayARMY, #Somos7conARMY and #ArmyLovesBangtan were positioned in trends to share messages of love and congratulation between them, who consider themselves a family.

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Fandom’s support isn’t just limited to album buying, since it’s a K-pop group, most of its interviews, shows, reality shows, and posts require a translation, in addition to monitoring news portals to report on BTS updates , a job that boils down to love and unconditional support.

Recently and thanks to new fans joining the ARMY lineup , the boys achieved new solo achievements by setting a new record on iTunes with Sweet Night and Namjoon’s mixtape. Behind a great artist, there is a great fandom.


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