ARMY suddenly apologized from Twitter


The BTS fans or commonly referred to as ARMY later expressed their apologies.

The apology was conveyed by ARMY through the Twitter social media platform using the hashtag #ARMY_apologize.

At the time of writing this article, the hashtag has already received more than 230 thousand tweets and is included in the list of trending topics on Twitter.

The ARMY apparently apologized to other fandoms for various achievements that are often obtained by BTS and ARMY.

As one Twitter user wrote, “On behalf of ARMY, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being the best and strongest fandom in the world, we apologize for breaking records, apologizing for never tolerating cheating and always speaking the right things. We apologize for always being the standard. ”

Another ARMY wrote, “We apologize to the 19 fandoms who united to defeat ARMY, we apologize because we are the best, apologize that BTS has received many awards, and finally we apologize because you cannot defeat us.”

“We as ARMY apologize for always being fair and being the best fandom. We apologize for not tolerating cheating, “and many more other apologies.

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