ARMY shows off RM painting during In The Soop


The ARMY finally revealed what BTS’s South Korean rapper RM did in In The Soop, they finally showed one of their works.

Through social networks they released the painting that RM of the boy band BTS finally finished, as we remember that during one of the episodes of In The Soop, the leader of the South Korean group enjoyed painting in his free time, well the rapper loves to learn.

The 26-year-old idol has been admired by his admirers, since his personality is so perfect, as the ARMY has described it, and that is why they did not hesitate to share how the painting he made has been, the results of its creation amazed users.

The singer RM of the successful K-Pop group BTS is fascinated by learning new things, and one of them is perfecting his painting technique, so this time he thought of making a beautiful landscape with the pointillism technique, achieving a spectacular painting and impressive.

RM shows off his great talent to the ARMY

Through social networks, ARMY chose to share various photographs of the leader of the South Korean group. In those images you can see that RM is so dedicated and disciplined with what he does, he also showed patience with the pointillism technique.

Even some fans commented that he is a bit tired, but they had no doubt that their favorite idol is so patient that his work was perfect for him, because in addition to being one of the most adorable members of BTS, he has also shared his other talents.

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RM of the South Korean group BTS, has managed to surprise the ARMY, due to the activities he does in In The Soop, because in that program, the rapper has tried to share some things he enjoys doing when he is not on stage. Did the idol’s painting fascinate you?


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