ARMY, RM’s great video to celebrate his birthday


ARMY is really looking forward to BTS’s RM’s birthday, so they shared a shocking video of their best dance moves.

Through social networks, the ARMY has been sharing various publications to celebrate the birthday of BTS leader RM in a big way, as they have been fascinated that the rapper will finally turn 26 years old, but what did his friends do? admirers?

For several days the girls have not stopped sharing videos, photos and messages dedicated to their favorite idol, because there is a very special date for Namjoon, because his birthday is September 12 and in Korea his fans are waiting for the big day to come in a short time.

And that is why through Twitter, ARMY shared an incredible and spectacular video of RM, the leader of the South Korean band BTS, where he has left the girls more in love with his perfect dance movements, as the rapper showed his daring side.

RM and his fascinating dance moves

Since the rapper was part of the K-Pop group, his fans have been impressed with his ability to sing and dance on stage, so the ARMY decided to share a video to celebrate his birthday and remember his best moments .

In that clip you can see the South Korean singer performing some impressive very sensual dance steps, because in that publication they shared on Twitter, he mentions that it is a high level of sensuality and perfection, since it shows his amazing dance steps.

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There is no doubt that BTS’s RM is one of the most charming boys in the South Korean group, and in such a short time he will be no longer 25 years old, so the ARMY has been very eager to celebrate his birthday with his best moments . Do you like how the rapper dances?

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