ARMY remembers funny moment between RM and V


BTS fans -ARMY- remembered a hilarious moment between RM and V. Look what it is!

The pandemic generated by the Coronavirus ended with all the concerts and live shows of the year. Groups like BTS could not perform on their world tours or events where there was a crowd.

That is why the great BTS fandom, usually publishes some videos on social networks of funny moments when we saw the K-Pop boyband singing live in front of thousands of people, in years before 2020.

RM and V funny in concert

One of the videos that garnered the most reactions was a hilarious moment when while V was singing a part of the K-Pop song, he jumps on a jumper next to RM and even starts laughing and stops singing for a few moments.

The comments among the fans were immediate, thousands of people think that it was really nice that RM jumped with V in the jumper.

“Her laugh, how beautiful”

“I love how RM makes him second”

“They are the best of friends, I love them”

“I miss BTS concerts”

On Twitter it is very common to see these types of videos of the members of BTS doing extraordinary things and these are shared quickly. Reactions do not wait.

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