ARMY received a message from BTS prior to Dynamite


BTS gives a special message to ARMY before the premiere of “Dynamite”, their new single. The BigHit group is very excited as the countdown to their comeback is about to end, with references to Michael Jackson, The Beatles and a trip to the 90s, K-pop idols are ready to make a blast. musical with his song.


Through their official Twitter account, BTS shared a video message for ARMY, who count the hours for the release of “Dynamite”, whose teaser was revealed yesterday and got 30 million views just 24 hours after it was published. what will be the record for the MV?

The members of Bangtan are happy to be able to encourage their fandom with this topic, since they wrote it during the quarantine and they know the difficult moments that many went through, therefore, the stars of BigHit decided to share words of encouragement for their most loyal followers.


The message begins with Jin, who greets ARMY happily, Suga continues and confirms that “Dynamite” was written for ARMY and wants them to remember them when listening to it. BTS leader RM shared that idols are just as nervous as fans and their effort will pay off with this comeback.

J-Hope assured that the wait was long, remember that they postponed their 2020 tour due to the coronavirus, but “Dynamite” motivated him again to meet ARMY again. For his part, Jimin made some recommendations for fans to enjoy the premiere of the MV, which is scheduled for Thursday at 11 p.m., Mexico time.

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The BigHit idol wants them to get enough sleep and gave them all a love you gift. Taehyung expressed his wishes that “Dynamite” be an explosion of energy for the fandom, as they worked a lot on the song.

Finally, Jungkook gave everyone a surprise, in addition to counting down live on YouTube, the K-pop star promised to be with his fellow BTS members to read all ARMY messages during the livestream. Are you ready?


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