ARMY organizes BTS’s Stay Gold Awards


BTS has their own social media awards gala hosted by ARMY. As a preshow before the MTV VMAs 2020, the Bangtan fandom organized a virtual ceremony in honor of the K-pop group, because this weekend they will have their first appearance in one of the most popular music awards, in addition, they will present de officially “Dynamite” and is expected to win all the categories to which they were nominated.

With the hashtag #StayGoldCarpet, ARMY shared various memes to celebrate the gala, the purple carpet was full of celebs and events related to BTS, the fandom published various jokes and messages related to the BigHit stars, something similar to what they did with him “Debut” of a group called Bangtan Sonyeondan to celebrate their anniversary.

The virtual awards also served to generate votes for the Kids Choice Awards, where the boys are also nominated. Among the best memes, ARMY shared a girl named “T / N”, acronyms that are generally used for fanfics where the protagonist is yourself and you only have to replace the words with your name. LOL

Becky G, Ariana Grande, Max, Ed Sheeran and Steve Aoki were also among the guests who paraded through the purple carpet, in addition to the guys from I-LAND, the BigHit reality show, TXT, among others. ARMY also teased the Latin American tour, as well as special stars like the mascot featured in the Japanese MV for “Stay Gold” or the car that Taehyung recently bought.

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