Army of the Dead: Zombie Movie Hits Incredible Viewers


Army of the Dead: Zack Snyder’s new movie, Army of the Dead, became the most watched movie on Netflix during its release week. According to the streaming giant, 72 million users saw the zombie movie worldwide in the first seven days.

These numbers place the feature as one of the 10 most watched Netflix original productions. According to the most recent data, the film would occupy the ninth position, just behind Mystery in the Mediterranean, which has 73 million (the numbers are from October 2020).

The company released the result via its Twitter profile, in which it projected that the production could become one of the most viewed on the platform in the coming weeks.

Future of Zack Snyder’s zombie film

Netflix has already announced a series and another movie that will serve as a prequel to Army of the Dead. Both do not have a release date yet. Now, with the numbers released, it is possible that a direct sequence will also be ordered. The end of the film leaves some doors open and the filmmaker has already confirmed that he would like to continue the story.

“Look, if there’s a desire for more Army of the Dead, Shay [Hatten, film co-writer] and I know exactly where the story is going. So yeah, we’re ready,” Snyder told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview.

Snyder recently released his version of Justice League on HBO Max. The filmmaker had walked away from production in 2018 due to a family tragedy. His upcoming projects include the Army of the Dead series and the movie The Fountainhead. The film will be an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel of the same name and follows the story of Howard Roark, a young architect struggling for his own artistic integrity.


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