ARMY Makes Visible The HARASSMENT They Receive For Being BTS Fans


The BTS fandom claimed that they have been harassed in networks and on the streets for being BTS fans. ARMY is, perhaps, the largest and most dedicated fandom in the music industry in South Korea.

BTS has managed to position their music on the top charts around the world not only because of their talent, but because of the support of their fans who seek to take them to the top. However, for some people this is ‘annoying’ and they seek to attack Bangtan fans simply by listening to them. On this occasion, the fandom protested the alleged harassment that ARMY Bangladesh is receiving.

ARMY has a large social media presence around the world. It doesn’t matter if you like BTS or not , because just by being on a network you can see the trends that have to do with South Korean idols . That is why, on some occasions, the fandom has had fights with people who seek to attack them or speak ill of idols.

However, this time a story went viral where a member of ARMY Bangladesh was allegedly attacked for being a Bangtan fan and the threats she is receiving have put the entire fandom on alert who have also said they have been harassed on social media by people who don’t like BTS‘s music .

ARMY Bangladesh harassed for being BTS fans and using their merch

A BTS fan , with the user ‘ luvvyorself ‘ shared on her social networks that she was attacked by a man when he saw her wearing a Bangtan backpack and was sexually threatened by him because she uses merchandise from the Asian septet. In turn, the threat of this sexual assault would remain if she would use something related to idols again.

In turn, she attached an image of her wrist where you can see the injury she suffered from the aggressor and affirmed that the local police have done nothing to help her. On social media, ARMY used their power to trend #EndViolence and ‘We stand with Bangladesh ARMY’ to support them.

However, the fandom discovered that the Twitter user had lied, as she used photographs from a YouTube video posing them as the arrest of her alleged stalkers. ARMY showed their dissatisfaction with what had happened with this user, however, they assured that they could not lower their guard, because in other countries BTS fans have been harassed on social networks for listening to their music.

Undoubtedly, although a false case has turned on the fandom alerts, ARMY assured that they will seek to protect fans who have been cyber-harassed for liking Bangtan’s music. The Twitter user disappeared and until now ARMY continues to show its support to other fans who were violated for their taste in music.