ARMY Makes BTS Sing Doja Cat’s Need to Know


ARMY has a great imagination, creativity, and great editing powers, did you see BTS sing Doja Cat’s ‘Need to Know? It seems to be a great cover.

BTS is a world-renowned band, triumphing in K-Pop and showing all the talents of their idols, this South Korean group has managed to gain many fans who support, love, and admire the members of this group without conditions.

On the other hand, Doja Cat is a rapper from the United States who has also gained great relevance, standing out in the world of music and giving all of her talents to all her fans; Bangtan and Doja have rubbed shoulders on the Billboard Hot 100 as their songs like ‘Butter’ and ‘Kiss Me More’, respectively, are on this popular music chart.

But apparently, Bangtan Sonyeondan could make a perfect lipsync of one of Doja Cat’s songs, as ARMY put them to sing a track by the rapper and it was perfect for the idols.


There is no doubt that ARMY is a talented fandom, the fans are as talented as their idols favs because they have shown us their fanarts, how creative they are to decorate their cases or top-loaders with photocards, the edits they make and even videos and precisely A BTS fan edited a video in which we can see a perfect Bangtan Boys lipsync for the song ‘Need to Know’ by Doja Cat.

Do you like BTS and Doja Cat? So this lipsync fanmade is a dream for you, can you imagine a collaboration of the idols and the rapper? Maybe it would be out of this world and we would love to hear the result: 0.


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